Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bunco Score pads!!

Bunco score pads! So it was my month to host Bunco and well I had to do it up "Paper Crafts" style :) Last year I made bunco pads as well and they are pretty tore up now so I decided to make new ones!! All the bunco gals love them.
The dice are from Indie Art. I used my bind it all and 3/4 inch o-wires to bind it.

I also made tags for the gifts.. Here is a look at those. I used the end caps option on Plantain Schoolbook. Didn't dress them up to much though..



♥Wendi said...

Wonderful idea. Very cute. I have November Bunco, so I just might need to get to work on some new score pads!!

Matthewsmommy said...

Love it! I will be making them. Thanks for sharing

Ms. Jen said...

I just love these! My sister is a Bunco fanatic.....LOL I don't play, but I'd love to make her some of these as a gift. Can someone send me the info or a file download for what the game sheets look like? Oh my, she would be so thrilled.


Tracy said...

Weird - I just hosted a bunco party yesterday and saw this post today! I love the score pads. Really cute!