Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pink by Design Day!

Happy Thursday Everyone! Today I am excited to share my card along with a tutorial!!

First here is the card.. I used Pink by Design's June's Stamp of the Month dress stamps to create this card. I stamped the dress on light green patterned cardstock. I then colored the bow in a darker green with my copics then cut it out with scissors. I used my spellbinders- oval and scallop oval for the cardstock that the dress is on. "Just fabulous" is from another June release.. "Material Girl".

Now for my tutorial- one of the most frequently asked questions I get is how do I create the inked border when I use spellbinders. It's actually very easy, I just ink the inside of the spellbinder!!
Step 1: Determine what size/shape will work for your project. Then cut it out as usual BUT DO NOT REMOVE THE PAPER FROM THE SHAPE AFTER IT'S CUT.

Step 2: Pick out your ink. As you can see on the left is my oval spellbinder with the paper still inside. On the right is my scraps. For this project I knew I wanted to use pink ink on my pink cardstock. I had two pinks that I could pick from so I used my dauber and tested them on my scraps before trying it on the real thing.

Step 3: Start inking! Yes it's as easy as that. I use my dauber and lightly press it on my ink pad then start applying the ink to the inside of my spellbinder. It is OK to get ink on your spellbinder, after your done it just wipes right off. I like to go very lightly at first and keep applying ink until I get the right darkness.

And here is what it looks like when its complete! Depending on the project and your style you can do a thick/dark border like below or a very light thin border.

And here is what it looks like after I pop it out of my spellbinder. Nice crisp border!

Before placing it on my project, I put the dress back on top to make sure I like how thick the border is. At this point if I wanted a thicker border I could easily ink more of the inside even with the spellbinder already off.

I hope everyone enjoyed my tutorial on inking borders with spellbinders. I hope to see lots of projects with this technique being posted on the Pink by Design messageboard!! 


Candace said...

love this card Candace!! And thanks for the tip! :)


Tara said...

Great tutorial and wonderful card!