Sunday, April 18, 2010

3x3 Post It Note Booklet Tutorial!

I've been getting lots of interest in my Post It Note booklets so I decided to make a tutorial for everyone!!

Supplies Needed:
12x12 sheet of thin paper
thin chipboard or cardboard (cereal boxes are great for this)
Red Tape (picture seen below)
3x3 post it note
paper cutter
scrap paper (for decorating)
gypsy/cricut (optional for decorating)
Step 1: Cut your thin printed paper 5 by 8 inches and 3 by 6 1/2 inches. For the 3 by 6/12 paper, cut just under those dimensions. Also, I use the thin printed paper because it folds much easier than the thicker paper.
Step 2: Cut your thin chipboard/cardboard two 3 by 3 pieces and one 3 by just under a 1/2 inch. See my picture below to see exact dimensions for the 3 by 1/2 inch size.
Step 3: Lay your cardboard out on your paper like the picture below and then glue it to the paper. Make sure your print is facing down. Leave a little bit of a gap between the cardboard so you can fold it.
Step 4: Fold and glue the sides of the paper like the picture below. I glued the long sides first and then cut alittle bit of the corners off and then glue the tops. Then bend at the lines.
Step 5: Glue your other paper on top and fold again at the lines.

Step 6: Remove the back of the post it note. Cut your red tape and add it to the sticky part. Then remove the red peel.

Step 7: Position your post it note along the bottom fold. Make sure not to put it exactly on the line otherwise it won't fold properly.
(optional) Step 8: Decorate! I decided to cut the Seal from Create a Critter and a background from Gypsy wanderings. I positioned it all on my Gypsy so I can cut it all at the same time. I like to cut two of the same image at a time since I already have all my paper out. I usually make a matching card with the same paper or just put the image aside for another project.

Step 9: I love my gypsy. It allows me to cut everything at the same time. I put all my paper down on the mat and have to load it only once!

And hear is the finished project! Enjoy!!

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♥Rach♥ said...

I've got to file this away, I know I'll use it in the future! Thanks for the measurements and photo tutorial, I'm a visual person so this really helps a ton :0)

Fi said...

Great Post-It-Note holder. I love your Seal and sentiment. Thank you for the tutorial - I have also filed it away,

Stacy said...

Love the tutorial and the sentiment is perfect.
Thanks for sharing


MotherMonkee said...

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this!! I can't wait to get started! -Roxann

Laura said...

Very cute! Looks easier enough to whip out a bunch for handy little gifts.

Cyndi S said...

Thank you for the tutorial. What dimensions did you start with for your cuts on the Gypsy? Thanks.
cstephenson at q dot com