Saturday, September 29, 2012

Carmel Apple Treats

Hi Everyone! I am now accepting orders for Halloween Treats. Get your order in now because I am only accepting orders through October 14th. 

 Here are the first treats available.. Carmel Apple Treats

These are $2 each plus shipping. Each one is stamped on the front and the back. Inside is a carmel apple sucker. Here are close ups of the front and the back.. 

Trick or Treat is from Jaded Blossom's "Halloween Treats"

Happy Halloween and To: From: are from Halloween Poop

Want to place an order? Email me at with your paypal email address and the quantity you would like. 

Orders of 20 or more get free shipping!! Minimum order is 5. 

Thanks! Candace


Rosie said...

these are so cute

sarah said...

very cute idea!!!!

Missy said...

Super cute, I really like the tulle bow!!