Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Craft Fair Items

Here are some pictures of some Thanksgiving stuff I've been working on getting ready for craft fairs. My first one is on the 13th!! So far my most popular item... M&M Sticks. I get tons of questions asking me where I get my bags. They are from http://www.clearbags.com/ and they are 1x8 inches. The toppers are made from Gypsy Wanderings. Instead of ribbon at the top I tie them with Tulle. I like the look of tulle better.

Sour Cream Containers! These are filled with hershey kisses. Again the toppers are make with Gypsy Wanderings and Stamping Solutions. Also the stamp is from Pink by Design stamps which can be purchased at http://www.pinkcricut.com/.

Turkey Poop! This turkey is cut from Create a Critter.

Thanks for reading!



Debbie's World said...

Candace, I think these are so cute. I also agree about the tulle. Have fun at the fair.

Stacy said...

Ya did a great job, and looks like you have been busy. LOL at the turkey poop, how cute is that
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Hi Candace!
These are super cute! Wishing you lots of good luck at the fair!


Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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Madison said...

Wow you have been busy:) Everything is so cute. If you have time stop by my blog today:)
~Madison www.funkycarads.blogspot.com

quilt4fun2 said...

The Poop is so fun! Great projects.

Maria said...

Love the M&M bags! I couldn't find the bags you were talking about, tho'. Would you pretty please supply a direct link? :)

TuttleTime said...

Turkey Poop...awesome!!!

the decorated cookie said...

Cute! Great for kid's Tday favors. My co-editor (Kristen, of Lesson Plans) found and sent to me. I posted a link on EdibleCrafts.craftgossip.com.

Annapolitan said...

Maria, I did a search on that site for "1 x 8" and this is what came up. I liked the craft too, and those bags are not easy to find, I agree!


Maria said...

Thanks Annapolitan! I saw those but they somehow just didn't look right. Candace --- help, please!!! lol

Candace Pelfrey said...

Hi Maria, yes Annapolitan is correct, that is them!

Candace Pelfrey said...
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